Labour history began as the work of movement intellectuals but became a career for academic historians. It lost most of its political purpose, a process hastened by the decline of the labour movement. Today it needs to be re-thought as a branch of a radical history seeking connections with new forces of social liberation.

Labour Historians as Labour Intellectuals: Generations and Crises

From Palmer, Shanahan and Shanahan (eds) Aust Labour History Revisited, 1999

Rediscovering Radical History

From Hummer, vol. 6 (2), 2010

Labour History and its Political Role: A New Landscape

From our blog, 2013 (originally 2011)

History and the Working Class Now: The Collective Impulse, Tumult and Democracy

Address to the Sydney Historical Research Network in March 2017, as part of a session on ‘Histories of Class Now’.